Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Jeanna's Pillowcases

After a long delay, mostly due to procrastination and no real excuses, I have completed Jeanna's pillowcases! Yippee! I am holding them hostage until she visits me though. So, she can't have them. Yet. Sorry, Chris.

When my mom visited me she brought me the fabric for the pillowcases. Earlier this week I found a pattern I wanted to use to make them, and realized I hadn't washed the fabric for them yet. I washed and ironed all the fabric and finally got to cutting and sewing today! These pillowcases definitely took more time than my previous pillowcases. The pattern required significantly more cutting, ironing, and sewing. I am really happy with how they turned out. There are a few minor mistakes with lining things up, etc. I have learned that striped fabric is probably not the best for beginners to sew with. The 'oopsies' are much more noticeable when stripes don't line up. Honestly, I do believe these pillowcases turned out better than my last set even with the minor mistakes. I am definitely improving at cutting pieces and lining them up. Yay! 

Jeanna provided me with one main fabric and three other fabrics. I wanted to incorporate all four fabrics into both pillowcases, but wasn't quite sure how since I had only made the one pillowcase style before. I found this pattern online and decided it was perfect. If you are looking for easy sewing patterns, I highly recommend, the patterns are really easy to follow. At first this pattern seemed a little intimidating since I am so new to sewing, but it ended up being pretty easy!

Prep work! Lots of little squares!
Pillowcase One
Pillowcase one

I took a break after pillowcase one, which seemed to take all day due to the cutting of both at the same time and the fact I was unfamiliar with the pattern. I made some delicious chicken-bean soup and baked cookies for TJ for National Weatherperson's Day since he is a weather forecaster. I always forget to cut down recipes that I made back home (where family would eat them all). I made five dozen cookies. Oops. No regrets! I am sad about my lack of a cookie jar, though.


The cat reminded me why I take the place mats off the table after dinner.

After dinner I finished the second pillowcase. Sorry about all the photo lighting (or lack thereof). I have a really strange sleep schedule since I work late and TJ works overnight and we like to actually see each other. So, I was sewing up until about 11:30 at night. The lighting isn't so great this time of night. 
Pillowcase two

Pillowcase two

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