Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Garden

I finished the 'first stage', pulling up all the weeds/previous plants in my front garden today. I had to pick up all the bricks to do it. My arms are probably going to be even more sore in the morning. I then put in some grub killer and planted a few plants to get the garden started.
This is what I had to work with. What a disaster...the problem with the south is it is February and all these weeds are already growing!
Tada! All those weeds are gone! I even was ambitious and pulled them out of the sidewalk. 
Here is the beginning of my garden, off to the right are some snapdragons.

I picked up some seed packets and will be planting seeds in the front and side garden closer to the end of February/early March. Gotta love living in the south, I get to garden earlier and longer! 

This is my 'side garden', the mulch is old and in pretty beat up shape. This is after I pulled the weeds, they weren't nearly as bad as the front garden. There were no heavy bricks to move either! 
I haven't decided what I am going to do with the side garden yet. It is partial to full shade, so I am pretty limited. It's also very narrow. I might plant some coleus plants and try some seeds in it. I'll probably hold off on doing anything but keeping the weeds down in it until about March.

I've never lived in this climate zone before, so if you have any plant suggestions for my gardens, please post them in the comments! My staples are usually snapdragons and moss roses, but I have more options now! 

I also want to put a couple plants on my back patio, it gets direct sun. They will need to be in pots though, so I'm also still thinking on that. 


  1. Great job! It seems that you were super ambitious to get your house in order :)

    1. Thanks! Now I just need some new mulch and to keep the garden under control until March, when I can plant more stuff. It's so weird being able to do so much before May...

  2. Wow what a lot of weeding. Hope your arms are ok today?
    I can't help with plant suggestions, here in Glasgow, Scotland we dont get such a long summer or hot weather.

    1. I really thought my arms would be sore this morning, but it's really my thighs that are hurting. I guess all the squatting in the garden really beat them up!

      I've never been able to plant anything before May before, with the danger of frost still there. Living in the South is so different. It also means I have to deal with weeds all the time though :(